Transmitters Progammable

Transmitters Progammable

Model: IPAQ C520

HART Compatible Universal Dual-input 2-wire Transmitters
Type: Digital
Input: RTD, thermocouple, Universal
Output: 4-20 mA, HART®
Isolation: Isolated
Measuring channels: 2 channels


HART Compatible Universal Dual-input 2-wire Transmitters

The IPAQ C520 transmitters are universal, isolated, dual-input temperature transmitters with additional voltage and resistance input. The IPAQ C520N is approved for Non-Incendive use in Ex-Zone 2. C520X/C520XS are Intrinsically Safe versions for use in Ex-Zone 0, 1 and 2.
The transmitters are compatible with the HART 6 protocol. Typical characteristics are the high accuracy, stability and reliability combined with a robust housing.

Universal, dual-input for RTD and T/C
SIL 2 compatible according to IEC 61508-2
5 year guaranted stability
Withstands 10 g vibrations
Complies with NAMUR NE 21, NE 43, NE 53, NE 89 and NE 107
EMC immunity according to Criteria A
Sensor Backup
Sensor Drift Monitoring
Sensor Isolation Monitoring
Sensor matching
50 point customized linearization
Integrated in Emerson AMS and Siemens PDM systems

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