Transmitters Progammable

Transmitters Progammable

Model: IPAQ C201

PAQ C201
Analog PC-Programmable 2-wire Transmitter for Pt100 Input
Type: Analog
Input: RTD
Ouput: 4-20 mA
Isolation: Unisolated
Measuring channels: 1 channe

Analog PC-Programmable 2-wire Transmitter for Pt100 Input

IPAQ C201 is an analog, non-isolated, easy-to-use 2-wire transmitter for Pt100 input. Configuration is made in seconds with the user friendly software, ConSoft. No external power supply required for configuration.
IPAQ C201 is designed for Pt100 in 3-wire connection according to
different standards.

Robust terminals with test connections
Only 18.5 mm / 0.72 inch high
Input: Pt100 in 3-wire connection
PC configurable measuring ranges without need for calibration
Temperature linear output
Very short response time
Excellent EMC immunity
Configuration without external power
Easy-to-use Windows configuration software
USB communication
Withstands vibrations up to 10 g

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